25 November 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays on Wednesday

I've been about a day behind. But I can do it! 
TOP TEN Reasons Why I Love Thanksgiving!
1. FOOD - It would be a lie if I said anything before food. I mean come on. Thanksgiving is a vegetarians best friend. So many side dishes to choose from not containing Mr. Meat!
2. FAMILY - The family from Omaha is coming over!
3. Working Out - Gym is open all this weekend. Gotta work off all that pie!
4. Shopping - Yes, I will be at Target at 5 am. Just need some java!
5. Cleaning- I will have time to actually spend some quality time cleaning my room, car, and doing the pile of laundry that is growing by the second.
6. Down Time - Be able to just relax and enjoy the eggnog.
7. Christmas movies - You can listen without getting "those" looks.
8. Snow - Ok, I usually don't like snow, but I will tolerate snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
9. Smells - The house smells of baked goods. I'm hungry... :)
10. CHRISTMAS!! - Christmas is just around the corner

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