02 December 2013

can we talk for a minute?

i've been in Arizona for 127 days.

i have lots of things to be grateful about.

a new car
a place to love
a fantastic job
family all together

but there is one area that i'm forever having a hard time.
i've written many a posts and seem to get no where.

the care and keeping of friends.
i haven't met anyone at the church i've been attending, but i still feel called to go there.
work friends are on and off. sometimes their on, but most of the time, i don't even get a response from them.

the only thing i can think to do, is to give it to God. i can't make people like me, talk to me, or hang out with me. but i do know the Giver of Good Gifts.

127 days is a short amount of time if you really think about it.

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