18 September 2013

This is how we do it

"It's Friday night..."

Haha. Not really. It's Wednesday night.

Right now, I'm waiting for my iphone to load the new ios software. It's taking entirely too long in my opinion. But, I'm pretty sure the wait is worth it.

Today I wanted to talk about wasted time.

I know I waste a lot of it...

1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. Pinterest
4. Instagram
5. Pinterest
6. Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime

You get the idea! I'm forever not doing what I should or could be doing because I'm doing something else. That's a mouthful.

What could I be doing:

reading, cleaning, crocheting...

I've gotten better at not wasting time. But, I do have down time. I'm worn out at the end of the day. This week I really have been working on getting my "to do list" done! I even made a master list of projects I'm currently working on. Let's just say this list is massive.

What have been up to this week:
budgeting, cleaning, organizing, planning, reading... It's been good. I'm not at 100% but I'm much better than the nothings of yesterdays.

What am I trying to say? It's not bad to be on social media. But, there are times when being social is the last thing you need to do... You need to get your rear into gear, get your work done, so you can do those things you say you never get to do.

I dare you to try it for a week. Tell me how it went!

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