25 September 2013


These are some of my favorite posts because I can clue you in on what's going on. And sometimes I even get a response!

How is everything? Busy on this end! But I can report that my room is almost finished. I receive my first guest next month, so I should be done with my room, minus some decorations. I have my eyes on some prints online, but need to put some money in the "decorate my room fund." 

Currently I'm....

Reading: It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Very good. I started my paleo "diet" yesterday. It's a 30 Day challenge called the WHOLE 30. You should check it out!

Watching: Just caught up with Revenge and Scandal (what biblicial names...) Both very good shows. I like intrigue. Now, I'm back on the grind with The Vampire Diaries. This is one of those shows, that I hate to love, but, again the intrigue.

Listening: Nothing really. A little bit of Air 1 radio and NPR.

Wishing: I could make friends faster. It's hard. Work people aren't too bad, but once I settle into a church I'm sure I'll find friends. I've been praying for Godly ones.

Thinking: About all the challenges I'm working on! #30 Lists is almost over, I'm a tad bit behind, but will catch up tonight. I'm also thinking about my October challenge 30 Days. I'll have to blog about both of those. I'm almost done with a 1.5 year project. A crochet blanket for my mom and have bought my next stash for a blanket for my brother. I'm stepping into new territory for his, it's going to be a chevron blanket!

Praying: I'm turning the tables. I'm asking for prayer this week. For contentment. I'm always off and ready for the "next thing," and not living in the now. I need contentment and satisfaction where I am (not settling, but rejoicing in where God has me.)

Browsing: I've found a lot of new blogs, that I add to a list I never see. I really need to work on that. Of course, instagram and pinterest everyday!

Sipping: Tons of water and black coffee.

Eating: Whole 30 Diet

Loving: Arizona

What are you CURRENTLY doing?

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