22 March 2013

Water Day 2013

What are you doing for the crisis that is going on around the world? I know it sounds silly. We as Americans have clean drinking water. We waste millions of dollars on bottled water when the same water is offered when we turn on the faucet. i know some may filter their water and that is ok.  

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing about horrible drinking situations. When I was in Cambodia, we drank filtered water that had gone through an osmosis filtering system. It was cheap to buy bottled water there. I mean really cheap! But, Cambodian's still are drinking water from the tap, which is gross. One of the members on my team even got sick from a tiny bit. The water is scary to look at it! So, how can you help? 

I'm so glad you asked! There are so many organizations that you can donate to... But, let's dig a little deeper!

Starting Monday, I'm going to give up all drinks and only drink water from the tap. I will not be buying water and I will only be using refillable bottles. I have three to choose from, so I should be ok. Every time I have an opportunity to get coffee or soda, or if I want to make hot chocolate at home, I will put a dollar in a jar (or an IOU) designated for this! Even though I'm broke, I still seem to find money for coffee and pop! I've got this! Wanna join?

I will be starting on the 25th of March. C'mon, let's stop wishing for the world to change and start working towards it ourselves! Every time I put money in the jar, I will pray for the situations around the globe to be changed!

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