20 March 2013

Getting Things Done

Life still has no normalcy.

I still haven't heard back from the places I'm waiting to hear back from.

I did have the luxury of getting out of the house the other day and working on some stuff at my favorite coffee shop.

I can say that I have accomplished a few things -

I have cleaned up both of my email addresses.

I've found a meal plan that I like and will start next week.

I've started to go through my items. I've tackled my books and my DVDs. I've already started going through all my old college school papers. I've eliminated everything but the papers I wrote in school. Next, comes the organization.

I've gone through a lot of my music on my iTunes and purged a lot music I don't listen to or will never listen to. Also, I had many duplicates.

Everything is such a big process. A stressful process. So, at least I've made a dent in my organizing and purging.

I realize that blogging is therapeutic  I love writing. I want to get past just my day to day life hiccups and talk about spiritual topics, book reviews, life in the kitchen, life as a working girl (when I get a job), sights and sounds on the internet, my fashion loves and hates, my process in losing weight. So, let's get past my whining and complaining and do this! And when I say let's I mean ME!

Let's try this blogging thing again!

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