03 May 2012


If you haven't read yesterday's post, go read it. I'll wait. Ok, ready?

Yesterday morning was hard. Really hard. But after my realization/revelation, I can see clearly now.
 Here's how yesterday went:
woke up (630am)
went to worksite (second day in a row to be the first one there -- that is rare)
ate a mid-morning snack of m&ms
took a picture of the skyline/horizon
came to the hotel ate lunch (leftover from Ricardo's)
picked up a the brand new flavor of starbucks frapp (accidently took a little kids -- I felt really bad -- I didn't drink mine till he got his new one)
went back to worksite
returned to the hotel (had to take shower because it was so HUMID)
went out to eat at Bailey's with the co-workers (amazing steak dinner)
then went to the movies! (the movie wasn't for awhile, so we played some video games. I’m not very good at those shooting ones!) -- OMG 21 Jumpstreet is hilarious -- WARNING -- It is very inappropriate but sooooooooooooo funny. My co-worker did end up tagging along. We laughed so hard. I kept choking after I laughed, he complained of a tummy ache from laughing so hard.
went back to the hotel, ate some popcorn and took some sleeping pills -- I was out

all pictures were taken with my phone through instagram -- follow me @lmwilliams2009

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