19 June 2011

Summer Projects - Part 1

I have many summer projects I would like to tackle.. There are four main one's I'd like to highlight this evening. 

Numero UNO:
This is like a ton of projects rolled into a huge one! That's why it's number 1!

Numero DOS:
Knitting this Beret from Stitch Nation
This is hard because I'm not a great knitter nor am I advanced, but I'm determined to finish this in the fall!
I'm using the mercury bamboo ewe yarn from Stitch Nation!

Numero TRES:
Image via pinterest from myrosevalley.blogspot.com
Granny Squares!!
I seriously need to learn how to finish these! I've started them, but I know don't know how to finish them! I've found so many different tutorials! But these two ladies are awesome!

Numero Quatro:
Image from Honestly... WTF?
I want to make friendship bracelets! I have tons of embroidery floss for embroidering! I will be using a bit to make some bracelets and finishing up another project as well!

What are your summer projects?? How are they coming? Have you started? 


  1. Love your projects. You are one busy lady! How's the reading project coming along?

  2. Hey Arlene! My reading project is going ok... I've been so busy with this past weekend that I haven't had much time for reading. Hopefully the ride to desperation will get me back on track!

  3. I have been making SO many friendship bracelets this summer! I love doing really thick Chevron-style ones =]

  4. I'm going on a short trip this week and I'm hoping to get a bunch of those done while I'm driving! I might have to pick up some more colors tomorrow!

  5. I really want to knit my own beret - good luck!