13 June 2011

Summer Goals 2011 - Part 1

I have many summer goals... But I would like share them one by one...

First Summer Goal - Read 25 Books

Alright, I know that's a lofty goal and I only just finished book numero 1, but I thought, why not... So, from June 1 - Sept 1, I am going to try and read 25 Books!!
 Instead of creating this massive reading list that I always mega fail on... I'm just going to read as much as possible. If I don't like the book, that's ok, I'll just put it down and read another. Then I won't get stuck in a reading rut!

So, good luck on your summer goals! Do you have any reading goals? Any good suggestions? 
I just finished LA CANDY by Lauren Conrad... It's my silly teen read for the month. It was actually very captivating. I want to read the second book!! 

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