11 October 2013

{Day 11} high five for Friday

Today marks exactly one month till my birthday! Whoop whoop!

With being content and simple I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for #h54f!

1. I'm doing well with the #whole30 "diet," I'm on day 18! It's a very strict paleo diet and I'm having fun doing it. This has been one I my favorite most simple dishes! It's perfect for the weekend because unmake a pot of beelankess chili in Friday night, and it lasts me till Sunday night!

2. Some books that have been on my list for some time. I also ordered a couple from amazon last night! #truebookhoarder.

3. My mascara troubles are partly over. Got rid of the two on the right and reposed them with the green one on the left. The green one works better as a base coat, I see a trip to target in the near future.

4. I'm no longer carpooling with a co-worker so I've turned back on the podcasts! Such a great way to commute to work!

5. Got my dr scholls from the influenster team! Review coming shortly!

What have you been up to this week?

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