12 September 2012

Expectations Part 1

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I pretended to hate those 5 w's and the h. But, secretly I loved and adored them. I remember as a first grader learning them, and knowing that in order to answer correctly, most, if not all of these facets needed to be used.

So, I thought I would answer these questions about YWAM! Today I will talk about WHO WHAT and WHY. Tomorrow I will talk about the Where When and How

WHO? -- That would be me. I'm a 25 year old, single gal, who is ready to experience what this World has to offer. I had such big goals in college 1) Traveling the world 2) Living an adventerous life.  I think you get the point. Then I graduated and I got sucked into the idea that you need to have the perfect job to earn the perfect amount of money that will get you all the things you need and desire and get married...

I hate living in boxes... I'm back to the original goals, 3 years later. Me = soon to be world traveler. I want to go South America, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, India, South Africa, Europe (yes all of it), Japan, Cambodia, San Fransisco. Are you getting the idea?

WHAT? -- What is YWAM? I'm so glad you asked. It stands for Youth With A Mission. A mission for what? Knowing God, and making Him known. Not by passing out tracts but showing love through service to the least of these. If you want more information, please visit their website. It's very informative. If you want to know the beginnings, I suggest you pick up a copy of Is That Really You God? by Loren Cunningham. It's a beautiful tale of a man who followed God with all his heart and saw the world change. YWAM has bases all around the world with many differen't "schools" and emphasis. Every person, young or old, starts out with a DTS (Discipleship Trainining School). Some of these DTS's will have a theme or focus like mine. I'm doing Justice & Mercy -- learning about human trafficking, etc. Others are just a DTS.

WHY? -- Why YWAM? Simply, I heard God say go. I've learned that ignoring God, just lengthens the time between being miserable and joyful. I want to go. I need to go. I have to go. And I'm going! That's why. :)

Stay tuned for expectations part 2 tomorrow... If you have any questions you can reach me via
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