05 January 2010

Welcome 2010

I can't believe it is twenty-ten. I wonder how long it will take me to remember to write that when I write the date. I was still writing 2008 a couple of months ago.

2010 is so prolific for me. In May, it will be a year since college graduation. In August, my VISTA term will have ended. Also, I will be moving into a different phase of my life.

One, of many goals is working out. Of course, Monday I'm all geared to go, but by Thursday, the procrastination begins. "I'm too tired." "It's too cold." "I'll go this weekend." The lies I tell my self to get out of a good thing.

These lies creep into other areas of my life. From doing chores to reading my bible. Those tiny little lies can do a lot of damage. Damage that could have been prevented.

So, 2010 will be the year of prevention. Prevention of being overweight, prevention of being complacent with my relationship with God, family, and friends, and prevention of living life uneventfully.

Twenty-ten, has a nice ring to it. I can feel that something amazing and wonderful is coming.

I journey, not alone, but with Jesus to guide my steps. The unknown is out there, but I'm ready to embrace it! Are you with me?

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