13 January 2010

Work Woes

Sometimes I don't appreciate my job. But when I think about it, where else can I listen to praise music without bothering anyone? I love that I can jam out in my office and worship while my co-workers can get their work done without my music annoying them!

I've been listening to OH YOU BRING for the past couple of days. Every time I listen to it I just tear up at the words. They are exactly what I feel towards my wonderful Savior. Jesus is all I need!

I have had so much work to do today. I am just now taking a huge sigh of relief. I must have been holding my breath. Sometimes I'm inundated with things to do, other times I feel like I have done absolutely everything. Yesterday that's how I felt and I took a good look at everything that was coming up and I was able to find a lot of things to do for today. This a great. I just need to remember to re-evaluate when I feel there is nothing to do!


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