19 June 2012

C is for Conference (one week)

I'm linking up with these two blogs: Miss Indie and Elizabeth Hayley

Obsessing over Subscription boxes... I know, I'm completely behind the times. Subscription boxes are boxes filled with samples. The samples are usually chosen for you, after filling out a survey I subscribed to bulu box, all about health and fitness. I got my box free for being one of the first 500 subscribers. I believe they are still offering that promotion. Totally got hooked up! Got my box the other day. Need to make some time to do a review! Then there's birchbox. This is a beauty box. I've been seeing this everywhere around the blogosphere. Just hadn't gotten around to signing up aka I was on the waiting list. It should arrive by Thursday! I'm totally stoked! Then today, I spent some more money! I know, shocking? It's called (wait, hold on, I have to check my email, oh geez) Beauty Army, you get to pick out 6 samples and then they send them to you. Beachmint products. There's this whole line of subscription services you can sign up for in this Beachmint empire. They include: StyleMint, ShoeMint, HouseMint, BeautyMint, BodyMint, IntiMint. Thankfully, I haven't fallen off the wagon and gone crazy in ordering things from these websites. I haven't ordered a single thing. But, I've been close, more than once!

Working on YWAM APPS... I'm finally getting my act together. It's been a long road, but I gave myself an incentive. I had to get all my applications finished and submitted by 9pm on June 25th, I can go to Jazz in June (June 26th) and I get to buy something for myself $30 or under. Friendship Bracelets... I really want some bracelets to adorn my arms this summer!

Thinking about my face... there are more mysterious bumps appearing. I'm hoping it's just irritation or a bug bite, :/

Listening to Relevant Podcast... This is seriously the best thing! It makes me laugh, smile, think, and quickly pass an hour.

Wishing for Desperation Conference. One more week!

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