29 July 2010


Finally made the ginger lemonade. The rents say it's a success, I think it could be more gingery! 
Have to catch up on journaling.
Also, maybe on Sunday I'll make the cheesecake and whoopie pies...

On a good note! I rode my bike.
On a bad note, the bike had a flat tire (i just bought it!)
Had to get the tubing replaced at a local bike shop I rode to.
They suggested I take the bike back.
But I can't afford one of their sweet bikes!
What do I do??

This weekend is going to be so busy.
I will give you an update later tonight on my journal and maybe a recap on Sunday!

Things I've promised that have yet to happen...
Wedding pics
Recipes with pics...

Until then...

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  1. I've never heard of ginger lemonade, will that be one of your recipes/photos? Sounds refreshing.