20 August 2013

You are your brand

That was spoken to us in our first day of training. And it's so true. The way you dress, how you present yourself, what comes out of your mouth, who you associate with. We are all brands. Of course that meant taking a bit more time in the mirror this morning. But as I was putting on my makeup, Jesus spoke. He said I was of His brand. People can either see me as Lauren or Lauren daughter of the King of Kings. 

It reminded me yesterday and the activity we had. It was a bingo of sorts. You know the game. You walk around the room trying to fun people who fit the description in one of the boxes. When people asked what my favorite music was I blatantly held my tongue, paused and said classical. Don't get me wrong, I like classical, but worship music is my favorite. I had lied. I had denied Christ and each time the question was asked, it became easier and easier to tell that lie.

I don't want to be that person. Lying about my best friend. Just needed to share.

How are you branding yourself? Do people know you love Jesus? Or do you blend in with everyone else?

This was not the planned post, but I thought it was fitting. By the way, I had a great first day of work!
Game face for day 2!

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