01 August 2013

Bye, Bye Nebraska / Hello Arizona


If you haven't been following me on instagram (do it here), you may not know, that I've moved.

I'm officially in Arizona! As of Sunday 10:30 am PST.

I will show some pictures tomorrow of being here so far.

I'm not going to lie, I miss Nebraska! A lot! My house of almost 9 years, my church, friends, etc.

Everything is new. I get to start all over again. New job, house, car, friends, church, etc.

As I've told others, it's bittersweet! But, I'm excited for all the opportunities Arizona will give.

I honestly don't have much to say yet because I'm still getting acclimated. And, I haven't left the apartment much since I have no car. I will share more in the coming weeks about my life, loves, hates, and a few glimpses of the new house and my travels around the metropolis that is PHOENIX!

How is your summer going? What's new? I'd love to hear from you. Yes you!

In my spare moments you can find me:
-spending time with Jesus over at shereadstruth and youversion (actually Jesus gets prime time, not just spare moments)
-using snapchat like a boss (message me for my username).
-failing at candy crush saga (let's not talk about it)
-learning french and spanish on duolingo (message me for my username)

Also, you can find me at my relaunched fitness blog: Ren Was Fit!!

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