01 June 2013

Summer Bucket List Part 1

I write this as I sit in my aunt and uncle's Porch/Room. I'm excited for this summer. But it will be quite a busy summer. So many things have happened in over two weeks. I'll share more later, suffice to say, I have a lot of things to do in a very short amount of time. But, I must have a summer bucket list!

My sister and I created one about a week ago. It's long, extensive, but completely fun. I'm just hoping we will find the time to do the items.

My list isn't extensive or minuscule  Some are events, some are just mini-goals. My goals or mountains I talked about will be incorporated into my summer bucket list.

Without further ado:

1) Save for big purchases. I'm excited for some of the purchases I'll be making. Some will be big investments, but saving is the number one goal this summer.
2) Read. You saw my summer reading list. If not, check it out here.
3) Spend more time in the kitchen. I tend to eat out a lot. I'm eating healthier and I want my cooking and lifestyle to reflect that. When I spend time in the kitchen, I'm not going out and spending wasted money on wasted calories.
4) Run a 5k. Enough said - I need to get that body a groovin'.
5) Have a junk free room. I've downsized my room once, after coming back from Cambodia. But, I'm ready for round 2. Clear out the clothes that don't match what I'll be wearing a year from now. Just letting go of the clothes I was going to "fix". Downsizing my library even more. Getting rid of the crafty stuff that will never get done. It will be hard. But I want my room to be free of clutter and easy to manage.

That's part 1! I'll be working along with Back To Her Roots Super Summer Challenge. A bit more with that later.
Hope you have a wonderful June 1st!


  1. I'm starting my next collection of clothes to donate, so let me know what you need to get rid of, not to church, and we can meet up and hang out and I can also take that off your hands ) ~jj

  2. Hi Lauren thank you for the follow. I absolutely love your little space. I have a thing for blogs that are minimal but chic. I was hoping to do more for the summer but I have yet to plan it out. I guess I still have a few more hours before its officially summer so maybe i'll make a small list. I am now following you via GFC and bloglovin. I look forward to getting to know another sister in Christ.