16 March 2013


It has been 15 days that I've been in the states and 7 days since I've been in Lincoln.

5 months have flown by so fast.

God has done so much in my life.

He's given me ideas, inspirations, loves and passions, and just an amazing desire to know Him more.

I am currently waiting to hear back from a couple of places for a few things.

My mind is still spinning from this past season of my life. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It's weird not being in a routine, it's weird that I'm having to watch what I put in my body again, and it's weird being broke.

What's not weird is my relationship with Jesus. It's grown, it's bloomed, and it's the kickstart to my day. I wake up thinking about Him; praising and thanking Him. I go to sleep praying to Him. It's the best love affair in the world.

My thoughts are scattered, but I need to get into a routine of blogging, working out, spending time with Jesus, and living a life that's ready to give!

Not sure how that works out in the blog, but I'm going to work and pray about that!

Love everyone!