10 October 2012

So Far...

This post is so over due, but life has been crazy busy!

I write this in the early hours of the morning before our schedule starts.

My schedule for today looks a little like this...

5:15am - Alarm goes off, snooze
5:25am - Alarm goes off, snooze
5:35am - Alarm goes off, snooze
5:45am - Get up
6:20am - Blog for a few minutes
6:45am - Breakfast
7:20am - Walk to class by local Presbyterian Church
7:30am - Quiet Time
8:30am - Group Scripture Reading // Steps of Justice
9:15am - Kids Chapel - Where a few of us go and work with the preschool class at the church. I'm on today and will be teaching on forgiveness and love, using "The Prodigal (lost) Son as my illustration/story.
9:45am - Lecture
12:30pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Lunch Cleanup
3:00pm - Dinner Prep
5:30pm - Dinner
6:15pm - Dinner Cleanup
7:30pm - Homework//Reading//Thank you notes

That's what my day will look like. There's not much time to write unless I stay up late or get up early. I happened to get up early, so I decided to update. Emails are always apreciated and I will try responding in a timely manner!

I hope all is well! God is doing a new work in me. He's been revealing to me while I've been here His great love and affection for me! It's powerful when you truly begin to feel and understand His love!

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