18 March 2012


Excuse me as I clean the "cobwebs" from my blog! Wow, it's been so long! No apologies here though. Life has been so busy... (Thank you Lauren Bonk for reminding me to blog again!)

So much has been thrown to the way side because of me being entirely to busy and with the musical (which was a smashing success). My reading, sewing, over all health (stopped running and eating well). I've packed on the weight, let me tell you. But here's the good news. I'm jumping over that hurdle and pushing forward!

Other exciting news: I'm going to NYC in less than two weeks! I'm extremely overjoyed! And, I start a full time job in little over two weeks! YES, A FULL TIME JOB! Thank the LORD! I'm so excited for a new beginning in my life! I'm keeping this pretty short because I really need to get some sleep, but some exciting things are coming my way!

So, what have I missed in the blogger world? I'm so behind on everything! Anyone still visit this neck of the woods! What are you excited about?!?!

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