30 January 2012

New Body Weekly Weigh: Weeks 3,4,5 // Feeling Good

I'm not as far as I would like to be. And I skipped two weeks because I felt like there was no progress. But, that's why I haven't been posting. I honestly love the musical I'm in, but it is taking a lot of time. I kinda can't wait for it to be over, so I can add more to my workout! Because this body needs some more "stress". My couch 2 5K plan is getting much easier. The first time I tried doing this, I only got to week 2, because it was just "too hard." This time around, I feel like I could run just a little bit longer and go a little bit further. I think I caught the running bug. I actually like love running! It's therapeutic, but I think the reason I like it because it is competition. I know, it's with myself, but that's the best kind. When I beat my times and feel invincible with former self, it just makes my run that much more enjoyable. Any runners agree with me??

Ok, here are my previous stats:
Last Weeks Goals (2 Weeks Ago):
  • Finish Week 2 of Couch to 5K  - I finished week 2 and 3! (even though it took me a little while)
  • No Pop (repeat) - I didn't completely do this, but I've limited my pop intake to once a week, this usually occurs on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Go to bed earlier (repeat) -  I'm taking this off the list for awhile, with rehearsals, I'm not getting to bed till fairly late.
Let's see my progress:
(The differences are a comparison to last week)
Weight: 163 (+1) - But, yesterday morning I was 158. My weight fluctuates quite a bit! I think I may start weighing myself in the mornings??
Waist Measurements: 35 ½" (down 4½ ") I must be gaining muscle weight!! 
Hip Measurements: 41" (down ½")
Thigh Measurements: 20" (down 1½")
Upper Arm Measurements: 11 ¾" (down ¼")

Weekly Goals
  • Finish Week 4 of Couch to 5K
  • Add some other physical activity at least 2x a week
  • Drink 8-8oz glasses of water/daily
Well I can say that the running is helping! My mom kept saying I looked slimmer. Woman cannot live by scale alone!

Here's a reminder of my monthly/yearly goals!

Over all Body Goals for 2012:
  • Run a half marathon: Lincoln Half Marathon 5/12
  • Goal weight: 125 8/12
  • Wear a size 4
January Goals:
  • Go vegan
  • Be able to run 2 miles
  • Lose 10 lbs

Since this is my last weigh-in in January let's review these three goals! I am almost 100% vegan. It's the weekends that kill me! But during the week I'm very good at sticking to the plan!

I am not able to run continuously 2 miles. But my run/walk gets me to 1.95 miles so I say again, I'm very close!

Well, I didn't lose any weight, since week 1, I've actually gained 5. But, I know if I stick with running and adding some other sort of workout routine, I will be losing in no time! 

February Goals:
  • Sign up for at least 2 races
  • Add another workout routine
  • Lose 10 lbs

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Thanks for reading! How did your January Goals go??

Lauren aka Ren

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