29 May 2009

God Put A Smile Upon (My) Face

I heard the news yesterday. I had received the position at Americorps. I was excited. Almost too stunned to actually believe it had happened. All of my prayers and patience had worked. Or more importantly, God's hand had been upon it.

This morning at 8am, I had my final interview and I filled out paper work for two hours. It was long, it was tedious, but it is now done. There is so much to to do to work for the Government.

I'm estatic about the position. But I realize that haze for next year has been pushed forward and I now have a whole year somewhat planned out for me. Now I will only need to worry about getting my grant-writing class done, and studying for the GRE. I'm rather excited that I now have a plan for the Fall, but I realize that it will be like nothing I have ever experienced.

To God be the glory!

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