27 April 2009

Today is the Day!!

Today is the day of my Senior Recital. I have skipped my first two classes and I love the power. I have mentally practiced once and will probably do it a couple more times today. The only class I'm going to today is my voice lesson, so my voice teacher can warm me up and see how my voice is. Today I've been quite congested and I am trying at all costs not to talk. I already prayed once today and once last night for it not to rain tonight.
"Dear God,
I pray that today will go smoothly. Help me in everything I need to do.
I pray that my family will have peace today.
I pray for my voice to be full.
I pray that I am doing this with a grateful heart.
I love You and thank You for everything You have already done.
Ok, now three times.
This "Grumpy Toast" is out.

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