20 November 2013


i have all these wonderful ideas swirling through my head. i'm excited about the blog launch.

i have a lot of projects stacked up and i feel that i've stopped consuming and have been consumed.

i feel like i was back in college, except take school and switch it with work and take my blog and switch with my jobs back in school. my life outside of school/work was a sliver of my existence.

i'm being swallowed up.

i enjoy so many things, but i haven't had the pleasure of purely enjoying them as of late.

i'm behind on my devotions and bible reading.
i haven't journaled this week.
i'm not done with that blanket i'm crocheting.
my books are collecting dust.

this saturday, i bid to work some OT. i didn't get the bid, i think that's a beautiful sign. a sign for me to take a holiday.

i'm taking a holiday this saturday. i'm going to rise early, pack all my "writing" gear, pack my reading books, my devotions, and my art stuff and travel to the heart of phoenix. to one of my favorite coffee shops. i'm not going to worry about paleo, or anyone or anything for that matter. i'm going to have much needed "me time."

sometimes that's needed. i'll be able to work on the new blog. read and hopefully finish a book. work on some journaling and future planning. and make sure i'm getting the rest and me time i need to keep functioning without giving up or burning out.

how do you take or get your "me" time in?

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