02 July 2013

The Spending Diet

image: money on flickr via Phillip Taylor @ PTMONEY
Somehow, I was doing well with saving money! Quite well. Then it got a bit out of control. Nothing too big, just little things here and there. They add up... I've even borrowed from savings. Sadly, my hours at work have slowed down, so the majority of the money went to something I'd forgotten. I'd left it in it's tiny corner... My tithe. 10% adds up when you forget to set it aside.

So, I need a good downpayment on a car, doesn't look like it will be that great. I will also need money for licensing, car insurance premium, and some smaller things.

So, this is where my spending diet comes into play. Sorry friends, we can chill, it will just be for free!

I need to save money!

No more clothes - I can wait till I start my new job.

No more coffees - Eek, this one is very hard!

No more eating out - Easier said then done, but I only have to pack 11 more lunches.

Ok, this is easier said then done, but something has to give or I will be broke, with no car, no insurance for the car, and no tags.

Debt free is the way to be. Even if you are broke.

This post was inspired by a cute little blog called And Then She Saved.

Next up, the wonderful world of budgeting! I have the perfect excel template that I will be trying out. Once the new job starts, I'll tell you how it's working. Now I just need to stop picturing new clothes and picture my new car with insurance!

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  1. Our biggest expense is grocery shopping. I really really really love to buy groceries. I just love to cook and try new things! We sat down last week to do some budgeting (I left my job a month ago so we had to redo some stuff) and when I realized how much I spend on food, I was appalled! I guess you could say we're on a food spending diet now. Good luck with saving! There's a great car out there with your name on it! <3 <3 <3