16 August 2012

YWAM TO DO LIST // I Just Bought My Plane Ticket

I leave for YWAM in 37 days. I can't believe it. My to do list is out of control! I have over 30 things! Let's see what I have to do, and what I've gotten done!

1. Mail Letters - I've mailed out many but still have more to mail out - Need to print, get more stamps and envelopes (If you would like to receive a support letter please email me at lmwilliams2009{at}gmail{dot}com
2. Order Glasses from Warbyparker.com (I know, I've been planning this since February)
3. Order Contacts (online hopefully)
4. Contact Health Insurance to see if I'm covered overseas / Get overseas insurance if needed.
5. Make magnets or cards with prayer points
6. Mail my deposit and check
7. Mail items I have of other people (I should probably get addresses!)
8. Email Doc (my choir director to let him know I won't be in choir this year)
9. Buy Backpack (Bought it on REI Outlet Online)
10. Make TY Cards for Sponsors
11. Plan Party - need ideas!
12. Jeans - Thrifting should do the trick...
13. Unmentionables (Thank's to Kohl's for a great sale)
14. Close WF bank account - Can't stand WF!
15. Purge Items - I still have some clothes and about 50 books to get rid of!
16. Cancel Birchbox/Beauty Army (I was sad to see my Birchbox go! I really liked it! Beauty Army - not so much)
17. Cancel Netflix (It ends on the 28th of August - Need to finish #drwho)
18. Buy long skirts (Got one on sale @ Kohl's and a friend gave me another one!)
19. Cancel extra insurance phone insurance @ Best Buy
20. Buy running shoes / tennis shoes (Awesome deal plus discount @ Famous Footwear)
21. Get my hair done
22. Leather Journal - not a want, just a need
23. Buy Plane Ticket to NC (Accomplished 8.16! - Believing God will provide for the rest of the money).
24. Toiletries - Things I need
25. Need Bandanas
26. Need an alarm clock
27. Buy sleeping bag
28. Buy thermarest
29. Create mailing list - halfway done
30. Get immunization card
31. Get two passport photo's for visa

8/31 Done - yikes!

It's an epic list that needs to get accomplished. It's just stressing me out! But, God's word says in Phil. 4:10 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! If you would like to support me financially, please email me at lmwilliams2009@gmail.com. Prayer also works wonders!

I just bought my plane ticket without having any money come in yet. I'm not worried, I'm putting all my trust in Jesus! I'm very excited. I can't fear, because I have complete faith in God's destiny for me!

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  1. I hope you will blog and share with us of your adventures abroad. What country do you head to by the way?