08 June 2010

FINALLY (I'm Back)

My life feels as if it's lost at sea.  Or like the incredible thunderstorm that rolled through good 'ole Nebraska around 3am. "My life feels like that storm last night. Unpredictable and annoying." That was a blip of a conversation I had with a close friend this morning.

There are many options available for me, but I want to choose the right one. What is the right one? I would love to know that answer to this puzzling and complex question...
I had first felt that I should study theology through an online program. But after reviewing past experiences with online and correspondence classes, I realized this wasn't the path for me. A few months ago, I realized that I wanted to teach English to students of otherlanguages. This then led to my true desire: Master of Arts in English with an endorsement or certification in TESOL.

"Ok." you say. "It looks like she's got it all figured out." Yes, but I didn't have this realization until after Fall Applications were due. So, I decided to suck it up and find programs that also accepted spring applicants. I even signed up for a few undergrad classes atUNL to make my application stronger.
The schools that I am applying to include: East Carolina University, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, University of Colorado-Denver, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I should have taken a little closer at UNL... They only accept fall applications! This was my fall back school, and I really don't feel like waiting a whole nother year to start my masters degree. So, now I'm looking at more options. Should I apply to University of Nebraska-Omaha? What about picking a few other locations I could move to. I think right now, I'm being safe. Maybe safe isn't what I need. What if I've been limiting myself to when I could be ready for new opportunities?

Dilemma numero dos: a job. The position I am in currently is just for a year. I am an Americorps VISTA working in Higher Education dealing with Service Learning. This position ends in August. Because I'm not sure of my school situation past December, I am very worried and stressed.

Confession #4: I doubt myself a lot.
I'm learning not to. But, I am one that wants to experience everything she can! I need to learn to explore but be realistic, but not too realistic that I am limiting myself.
Options, options, options.
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  1. The very beauty of life is that it is unpredictable. Sometimes what we decide is the correct path is not always the correct one for us. I would be lying if I said I have been following my "plan" from the beginning. If I had, I can guarantee we would have never met.

    I would say that like a storm, life can get too loud. Don't let it drown out your guides (Family, God, conscience, your heart)...