05 August 2013

Book Review - Building a Business, Blog, and Brand

I had the wonderful opportunity and pleasure of reviewing an e-book: A Work at Home Mom's Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog, and Brand by Lisa Marcia through The Influence Network.

This book isn't just for newbie bloggers, but also for bloggers who are wanting to get serious about their blog, especially those who want to move from Blogger to WordPress. I've been a blogger for awhile, and I've learned so much!

Lisa's writing is very relatable. It felt like I was sitting down having coffee with her.

I know this is silly, but the colors of her book were attractive. I couldn't help but want to read more on the color scheme of the book alone.

One thing that scares me about expanding my blog is moving over to WordPress. I know I don't have to, but for over a year I've been debating about moving and setting up a domain name. But, after reading this book I'm no longer intimidated by WordPress, but ready to dive in and get started.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was it got down to the nitty-gritty. No mumbo jumbo from other books on blogging. The book even gives you step by step instructions on setting a WP site. I think Lisa wrote the book just for me.

The book also gave examples of Lisa's own two successful blogs. Which is nice because there was tangible evidence that what she was saying was valid.

Lisa also explained that choosing a designer and making a brand are things you need in a successful blog. You even get to use Pinterest! I would one day like this blog to be self sustaining, and I've been living in the grey area for so long, I almost need to start from scratch. I think my idea of the blog is ok, but my execution and branding is poor. I need to outsource for this job. Find someone who has more expertise. *Sigh* I know. But, Lisa gave great ideas and steps to do this!

So, she's shown how to set up a blog and how to make it "pretty." The last part is how to make money from your blog. She even promises that it's not a get rich quick scheme. But, there are good ways of making money for bloggers! Just what I needed!

Ready to get started? Why not get the book? It's on Amazon (my favorite online store)! Click here to get the book on Amazon. Don't have a Kindle? Download the pdf version here.

Just to show you how serious I am, I've been planning a re-launch of Ren Was Here for a couple of months. It will happen on September 1st! There will be a new look, and maybe even a new url! Stay tuned for more information and how you can get involved. But, I will be using Lisa's book to guide me through that process!

Also, you can find Lisa at these places.

The Little Mustard Seed Company - her design company (yes she designs and helps brand as well!)

and over at

Work at Home Mom University  - a place for mom's who work at home 

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  1. Excited about this review! Thanks Ren and I'll be checking back to see the updates you'll be making to your blog :)